Budget Conscious Self Directed Workout Programs from The Green Microgym

Even though data shows 90% of the people getting results in the gym are working with a personal trainer, we know that not everyone can commit to personal training for financial or time restrictions. But we want to make sure you get the most out of your membership.  Our self-directed programs still give you the opportunity to be “coached” through your workout.

Read on to find out about our basic and Micoach assisted self-directed programs, starting at $99.

Curious how we develop our exercise routines?  We use the adidas MiCoach system to enhance our programming with exercises and training philosophies created by Core Performance.   Core Performance is an industry leader in fitness and athletic performance.  Adam had the opportunity to meet the founders a couple years ago at their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, where they fit him in between preparing NFL prospects for the draft and meeting with a delegation from the Chinese government!

“MiCoach is pretty cool, and I love not having a stupid notebook to fuss with”, says Doug from The Green Microgym Alberta, who has been using the equipment for 3 weeks.

We believe in these systems so much that our training staff uses them to have their own “coached” sessions.  Ask us about it next time you see us working out!

The BASIC Program:

If you are comfortable with the gym equipment and familiar with exercises, our 3-week Basic Program would be perfect for you.  After an initial assessment, we will email you 3 customized functional training workouts each week. You will also have the ability to schedule an exercise tutorial with one of our trainers in case an exercise or two looks unfamiliar.  Additionally, we will check in with you weekly to see how you are progressing.

ADD the Micoach Trainer:

We offer a more extensive program using the MiCoach Trainer. The equipment includes a heart rate monitor, stride sensor, and pacer to keep you on track during your workouts.  We will help you get set up and check in with you weekly for equipment and exercise support.