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Our Mission: Someday, All Fitness Equipment in the World Will Make Electricity

The Green Microgym and Plugout Technology were invented by Adam Boesel, a school teacher turned personal trainer who started up his first gym in Portland, Oregon in 2008.  While writing a business plan for his gym, he thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if the members could make electricity when they are exercising?” He found although there was a lot of speculation and experimentation about the idea, no one had started up a gym with Eco Fitness as their central focus.

Adam started searching for a way to convert exercise machines into power generators and connect them to the grid.  Several prototypes later, and with the support of a lot of patient and supportive members, he designed the first spin bike retrofit that is grid tied by simply plugging “out” into a normal wall outlet. His design made it easy for anyone to convert their energy into electricity and help power their building.

Adam and The Green Microgym have been featured by CNN, BBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Club Industry and Club Solutions Magazines, Popular Science, and countless green bloggers.

In 2014, Adam sold his two facilities in Portland, Oregon to focus on helping individuals, schools, and existing gyms around the world to Go Green.

Properly run Green Gyms can use about 85% less electricity and their carbon footprint is about one tenth that of a traditionally run gym, per square foot. A member of The Green Microgym saves about ¼ ton of carbon compared to if they belonged to a traditional gym.

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Two Resolutions in One: Put a Little Green in Your Workout Routine

Just Energy, a leading provider of natural gas, electricity and green energy solutions, wrote a great article about ways to Green Up your workouts.  Check it out:

Two Resolutions in One: Put a Little Green in Your Workout Routine

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to start a new exercise routine? Especially after the holidays’ feasts, we could all stand to work out a little bit more! If you’re eco-conscious, I bet you also made a resolution to add some green alternatives to your lifestyle. This year, why not combine these two resolutions to knock them both out at once? Seize the opportunity to make your exercise routine a little more green! It’s easier than you think and it’s a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint while getting fit. Here are four ways you can accomplish these two New Year’s resolutions by putting a little green in your workout routine.

  1. Workout at a Green Microgym. Green Microgyms have popped up all around the country and are powered by the energy you’re using to exercise. These gyms utilize spin bikes, elliptical machines and recumbent cycle generators that harness exercise energy and convert it into electricity through your workout. With this eco-friendly energy generation, Green Microgyms use about 85% less electricity than traditional gyms. Even if you aren’t looking to work out at a gym, you can purchase Green Microgym’s UpCycle Eco-Charger to convert your home bicycle into an electricity generator. It’s as easy as replacing your back wheel and plugging the device in the wall.
  2. Join a running club. If you’re tired of working out at a gym, you can get both the exercise and the comradery by joining a running club! The Road Runners Club of America has been allowing long distance runners to come together as a community to promote running as a competitive sport and healthy exercise since 1958. Simply become a member and you’ll have access to everything you need to meet up with other runners so you can exercise while adding virtually nothing to your carbon footprint.
  3. Work out at home with a DVD. Instead of driving your car somewhere to work out, cut back on CO2 emissions by working out at home with a DVD. There are plenty of fun workout programs available on video that allow you to get fit in the comfort of your own home and reduce your carbon footprint. Add a DVD workout, such as Team Beach Body’s Rockin’ Body® program, to your morning routine and let those pounds fall off while feeling good about being green!
  4. Instead of driving to spin class, bike to work. Did you know your car can add up to 1.9 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere every year through your daily commute? There’s no reason to drive to spin class when you can bike to work and get the same workout. After production, bicycles contribute no carbon emissions and you can burn around 1,000 calories a day while keeping it eco-friendly and saving yourself the cost of a class!
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