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How Schools are Crowdfunding the UpCycle Eco-Charger


Powerthon was today!  I was actually going to send you a picture tomorrow. .. it was insanely busy! The kids biked all day. .. it was fantastic!!! Thanks!!!” – Tara


“Hi Adam!
That was amazingly fast for a grant that large. DonorsChoose will be contacting you regarding the delivery. We are very excited about having the bikes at Glencoe.  I think that’s obvious by the support for the project!” – Lisa


In the past month, two different schools, one in New Jersey, and one in Portland successfully used innovative thinking to fully fund their purchase of UpCycle Eco-Chargers.  They did it in two ways:

  1. Purchase the Eco-Charger first and then do a fundraising Powerthon
    1. This is the easiest way to do it, by using school or district funds to buy the equipment, and then set up a Powerthon, where individuals and businesses pledge dollars per watt-hour to generate funds.  It can be a one-day or an ongoing thing.
  2. Crowdsource the funding through Donors Choose
    1. This campaign was fully funded in 2 days!  A bit more work up front to write the grant and submit the proposal, but the result was fantastic!

Congratulations to both of these schools and their hardworking, innovative teachers who made this happen!

If you are interested in crowdfunding your own UpCycle Eco-Chargers, contact us and let’s make it happen!

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