The Green Microgym Locations

Alberta: 1237 Northeast Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon 97211 map

Sellwood: 7703 Southeast 13th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97202 map

Belmont: The Green Microgym-Belmont is a separately owned licensee.

Here are photos of our Alberta and Sellwood gyms. We have cardio, weights, and yoga/stretching areas in both locations.

Jessica Running
The Green Microgym Ipad Enabled Electricity Generating Ellipticals
Non-Intimidating atmosphere at The Green Microgym
IMG_4044 Final
IMG_4106 Final
The Green Microgym - open space
Jessica Scardina training Nicole
IMG_3922 Final

Alberta Multi Purpose Room

Alberta Multi-Purpose Room

Alberta Weight Room

Alberta Human Powered Treadmill. All Runners Should Try This Out!

Alberta Workout Buddies!

Alberta Ellipticals and Natural Lighting

Alberta Spinning Area

Alberta Spinning Area

Sellwood Stretching Area

Sellwood Stretching Area

Ipads on Our Ellipticals to Make Your Workout Go By Quick!

Sellwood Spin Bikes

Sellwood Universal Machine with Dozens of Exercises

Sellwood Squat Rack and Free Weight Olympic Bench Press

Great Colors

Find a Workout Buddy!

Workout Green With Your Neighbors!

Plenty of Cardio Equipment

Barely Ever Crowded

Sellwood Motorized Eco Power Treadmills Save 33% Electricity

Eco Fitness Personal Training

Sellwood Natural Light is Great!

Sellwood View Out the Windows

Sellwood Universal Weight Training Machine

Sellwood Ellipticals with Ipads

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IMG_4336 thumbnail
IMG_4357 thumbnail
IMG_4826 thumbnail
IMG_4905 thumbnail
IMG_4951 thumbnail
IMG_4968 thumbnail
IMG_4970 thumbnail
IMG_4019 thumbnail
IMG_4023 thumbnail
IMG_4044 Final thumbnail
IMG_4106 Final thumbnail
IMG_4261 thumbnail
IMG_4429 thumbnail
IMG_4432 thumbnail
IMG_4510 thumbnail
IMG_4516 thumbnail
IMG_4604 thumbnail
IMG_4717 thumbnail
IMG_4733 thumbnail
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IMG_3950 thumbnail
IMG_3985 thumbnail
IMG_3922 Final thumbnail



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