Original Chopper Charger Prototype


  • The Only Chopper Charger In Existence
  • 7 Foot Long Stretch Cruiser
  • Custom Wooden Housing Made By Jim Boesel
  • 36 Volt, 10 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery Included
  • Twist Throttle
  • In-Person Delivery by Adam Boesel Anywhere In The Continental USA or Canada


This is the concept vehicle that eventually became The Green Microcycle. I took a 7 foot long stretch cruiser from Firmstrong and turned it into an electric bike. It’s like driving a 60’s era Caddy – Smooth and Easy.

The 36 Volt Battery (hidden in the wooden housing, custom made by my dad, Jim Boesel) and twist throttle keeps you moving when you need it, but this bike is capable of cruising without help.

I’m more than happy to keep this bike forever, but maybe you want a collector’s item. There will never be anything like it.