The Green Microcycle Read and Ride Bike


K-12 STEM and Sensory Breaks

  • 30-50 Grid-Tied Watts
  • Fits 4 Feet Tall, up to 6 Feet+
  • Removable Reader Rack Holds Your Book or Tablet
  • Light Stand With Good Stability. Easy On/Off
  • Comes With┬áLesson Plans for Grades 1-5
  • Also a Quality Folding Bicycle
  • Folds Down to Easily Fit Into a Car Trunk or Closet


The Green Microcycle is a fantastic STEM and Sensory Break tool for schools and homes with active learners.

Featured at Avoca Elementary in Michigan for their Green Read and Ride Program, this bike comes with everything needed for kids and adults 4 feet and up to 6 Feet+.

You can Read, Ride, and Generate Grid Tied Electricity with the rear wheel hub generator and sturdy stand. It only takes a few seconds to remove it from the stand and ride it around town as a normal bike.

Exact colors and models may vary.