Realize your dream of owning a successful Eco Fitness Business. Say goodbye to wondering HOW and hello to a CLEAR PLAN.
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Created By Adam Boesel, Founder Of The Green Microgym:

“Start a Green Gym” is how I started 2 green gyms from scratch, cashflowed positive on 5 hours of work a week (with no employees), and sold them for a profit. It’s a clear, detailed roadmap to starting, cashflowing, and selling within 2 years while avoiding all the mistakes I made.
When I started The Green Microgym in 2008, I had a passion for fitness and a green-friendly attitude, but minimal business experience and even less access to startup capital. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I went for it anyway. Over the years, I learned a ton about business, Eco-Fitness, and myself and was fortunate to successfully turn my passion into a sustainable business. I’d like for your road to be easier than mine was. DISCLAIMER: This guide is not a magic bullet, or a turnkey solution. You will have to work hard and be creative to make your dreams a reality. This guide will help a lot, but there are no guarantees you will be successful.


All of the most relevant spreadsheets, profit/loss numbers, contracts, and supporting documents I used from startup to sale so you can edit them to fit your needs.


Detailed, step by step plans for Startup and Presales, Finding and Setting Up a Location, Getting to Cashflow Positive on 5 Hours a Week, and Selling for a Profit so you can eliminate the guesswork and head straight for your goals.


20+ supplemental audio descriptions detailing my successes and failures every step of the way, so you can steer away from common mistakes and stay on the least risky, most profitable track.

Who This Course is For:

  • The fitness trainer or enthusiast who wants to be more than just an employee at a gym for the rest of their career.
  • Someone who wants to be a cutting edge fitness trainer, AND a successful business owner.
  • Someone who understands that owning a Green Gym will set you apart from all other gyms and trainers, making you a sought-out expert in your town.
  • Very motivated individuals. There is a lot of information in this guide, and much of it will require you to research more outside the main curriculum to get the answers you need for your specific situation. Welcome to entrepreneurship!

Who This Course is NOT For:

  • Someone who needs to be entertained or motivated.
    • For example, much of the audio created for this course was recorded while driving in my Nissan Leaf, and not in a professional recording studio. This is by design. In order to be successful with this program, you must get things done quickly and efficiently, and not be worried so much about perfection. This program has been created to provide as much quality information as possible. The information in this program, not the packaging, is what you need to be successful.
  • Anyone who thinks you can make profits only from putting people on exercise equipment and selling the electricity back to the grid.
    • The real positive environmental and financial impact is through creating an Energy Saving Culture and running a great business. You must create a legitimate company around green innovation, and not expect one great idea to carry your entire business.
  • People who need very basic business information such as: What type of company you should form (LLC, S-Corp, etc.) or how to set up a website.
    • Certain subjects like these are left intentionally vague because they are topics you must either already understand or be willing to educate yourself on outside the course curriculum.
  • Someone who needs their hand held throughout the process.
    • This is business. There are few shortcuts and you will have to cut your own path no matter what. The information provided will help you ONLY if you are willing to act on the ideas and examples (much of it contrary to the traditional “build it and they will come” philosophy) in an appropriate way for your situation.

This Course Will Teach You:

  • What it is really going to be like to start up and run your own neighborhood Green Gym.
  • Common mistakes that could cause you to fail by getting in too deep too soon, or by never getting out of the starting gate at all.
  • How you can start tomorrow, with frameworks for several different startup business models provided.
  • How to cash flow positive on relatively few hours of work each week, and sell your gym for a profit when you are ready to move on.

The Goals of This Course: To give you all of the knowledge and secrets I have accumulated about how to run a successful Green Gym, and to get you started on the right foot with a toolbox of strategies, keeping you aware of and ready for the challenges you will inevitably face.  There is great emphasis on starting out and staying in a positive financial position, and avoiding taking on massive debt early on. This Course is NOT… A turnkey guide on how to start a gym with no fitness experience whatsoever. You need to have a real interest in fitness, and be willing to connect with hundreds of gym members and fitness training clients over time. If you are not a fitness trainer, you will need to find a partner who can handle that aspect of the business. What Are the Requirements? You DON’T need to be an environmentalist or green energy expert, just Green Friendly. You must be passionate about helping people get in better shape through gym memberships, personal training, and group fitness. You must be willing to learn the business side of running a Green Gym, including taking your own initiative outside of the course curriculum to adapt the material to your specific situation.


From just the most basic information, to everything you would need to start and run 5 different business models, you can choose the guide that will work best for you.

“Best gym I have ever been a member at in all my life! Hands down! I always feel like this is what all gyms wished they were.. No bells and whistles but fundamentally more than you need. Plus it does not have that gym rat vibe at all! I never feel weird working out and it motivated me to keep coming. Super cozy and boutique always with machines available. Downstairs is the best place to work out and feel like you are a celebrity in your own exclusive gym. All the props and machines one needs. The biggest yahoo is that their trainers (Adam and Jessica) are so fantastic. I train with Adam and have had talks with Jessica and seen her train people. It is the perfect gym!”

“Suh-WEET! Finally, a gym without attitude. My friends already know I’m a treehugger, but the core mission of The Green Microgym was more of a bonus compared to what I really enjoy most about this place – it’s quiet, there’s no blasting crap-pop music, and I’m not surrounded by people more concerned about their makeup and everyone around them. It’s a working class gym mixed with urban sustainability – totally rad.”

“One of the great things about the Green Micro Gym is that you don’t have to deal with all the annoyances encountered in your typical, crappy, corporate-chain gym. The annoying sales pitch, being locked into a contract, the pain of trying to cancel a membership, crappy music and blaring tvs, the meat-market atmosphere, the obnoxious grunting, machismo weightlifters, etc, etc. If you’ve ever been a member of a gym you know what I’m talking about.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust you?
I’m the only person in the world who not only started and ran a Green Gym, but also invented the equipment as I went along.  No one else has been more immersed in every aspect of Eco-Fitness from the very beginning.  There may be more experienced business people, there may be more experienced personal trainers, but nobody knows the Eco-Fitness business better than I do.
Why aren’t you offering franchising? It seems like you could make more money that way.
I started out that way and realized it wasn’t for me. Most people I talk to are very excited about making this a reality for themselves, but don’t have access to upwards of $100,000 to start up a franchise. It’s also not the time to be pigeonholing everyone into doing it the exact same way yet, which is how franchises work best. This is a cutting edge concept and needs room to grow organically. I may franchise in the future, which makes this guide even more valuable, since it’s exactly the information I would give to any franchisee.
What if I buy this guide and realize it’s not for me?
Ask for your money back, and I’ll refund it.  I don’t pull any punches about the challenges and work it took for me to become successful, and after reading through and listening to everything, you may find that you have lost your enthusiasm.  If so, I’ll be satisfied knowing you didn’t waste a bunch of money finding out it’s not for you in a much more costly way down the road.
How much money did you make running your gyms?
Both gyms combined cashflowed between $3000 and $4000 monthly on 5 hours of work a week with no employees before I sold them in the Summer of 2014 . There were times I made more than that, and times I made less, depending on many factors including how many employees I had, the time of year, and miscellaneous expenses or income.  I sold the gyms together for $120,000.

The Green Microgym is the Recognized World Leader in Eco Fitness:

Our Ideas and Technology are In Use Around the World. We Have:

This Is a Zero Risk Purchase. You Can:

  • Credit 100% of what you paid  toward the purchase of anything we sell from The UpCycle Ecocharger DIY Kit on up, including the SportsArt equipment I have for sale
  • Get 100% of your money back if you’re not satisfied, no questions asked

This is a Great Deal, But You Could Always NOT Purchase It And:

  • Consult with me one-on-one for $200/hr
  • Make any number of simple mistakes that I have already made (and explain in detail in the guide), and easily lose hundreds, thousands, or more
  • Pay another company $10,000+ in franchise fees for similar information, without any of the Eco Fitness guidelines in this package

An unexpected achievement

UPDATE: Here's the excerpt from the book with our story Wow!  What a cool honor! I just wanted to thank you for supporting The Green Microgym.  Whether you have ever purchased anything from us or not, you have helped keep us going all these years.   It hasn't...